t minus 3 weeks

So the news is in. This job here that I’ve been at for 18 months likely will be going away for good for me. I’m in the Marketing Dept. and they don’t do the 18 months on, 3 months off thing. So when I’m outta here, its for good, pretty much.
I admit deep down to being happy about this.
I do enjoy this job, but I’m ready to take a break from this cubicle cage. It’s been ten years…more than ten years of corporate web monkeying. It’s been fun, it’s been hard, it’s been an incredibly fulfilling situation at times, and a brain dead one at others. I’ve worked so hard I lived at work for days. I’ve been to company sponsored raves. I’ve worked in the options trading industry. I’ve worked at Microsoft and Xerox. I’ve did the whole dotcom startup in San Francisco thing, down to people riding bicycles in the aisles and playing xbox for a break at 11 am, while being worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on paper. I’ve gone to conventions and put pithy sayings on cube walls. I’ve bought power outfits and commuted. Flash, Javascript, HTML, Cold Fusion, Dynamo, Frontier, CSS, xml, VoiceXML, and more. I stayed employed through it all, I’ve been pink slipped and I’ve been picked up again immediately.

I’m going to leave on Nov. 10th, and then we will see. I will put my resume in with my agency. But…I will not lock in again. One offs, part time, freelance, quick gigs, yes. 18 months and a badge…no. Not if I can help it. It’s tremendously exciting and scary. I will be making a fraction of what I have for the past 5 years.

But I will regain my time, the most precious commodity one has. I will clean the damn house, and take care of it properly. DLJ will not have to spend weekends cleaning because it will be my job to keep it all mostly upkept. He will have less housework and therefore more time to relax at home instead of more work. I will make glass. GLASS GLASS GLASS. I will enter more shows and sales. I will start selling on ebay. I will look for freelance webwork, and continue the part time web gigs I have with one or two current clients. I will drink coffee at home. I will not commute. I will not need fancy clothes. Lunches out. Badges, business phones, cube knickknacks, rush hour, meetings, water coolers, cafeterias, security, managers, bosses, timesheets, timetracker, paper clips, shoes to change into to walk at lunch, clockwatching, faxing, someone else’s schedule, someone else’s orders, someone else’s priorities. No more overflowing laundry, dusty carpet, unfinished projects, incomplete garden, quick meals.

It’s all going to change. I really hope we can swing it. Between glass, ebay, part time freelance, I think we can keep it going. DLJ’s job is good and they will come through for him. We have savings stashed. My time will be mine more than it is, now, and with it I will work and get DLJ back some time, too.

I’m TOTALLY freaked out.

5 thoughts on “t minus 3 weeks

  1. scary, but doable! i’ve been following along since i found you in markalope’s journal and i’ve been rooting for the glass to win. even if you do pick up the occasional contract, it will be a -choice- that has a forseeable end, which will make it much more bearable. good luck!

  2. Yay, Markalope. I love talking to him, hearing the old’ Jersey accent he has.

    Glad to have you onboard! I will go check your space out now.

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