Borrego Springs

I did really well on the plane again. That pilot’s site really, really makes a difference in how I feel during flight. I don’t get scared at all during turbulence anymore. The worst thing about this flight was the three New Zealander kids behind me that would not shut up or stop slamming their trays up and down. Both me and the guy next to me (not DLJ, the other side) turned around and told them to can it. I usually am nice with my leaning back of my chair, I don’t do it all the way, but with these over-sugared under-contained kids I leaned alllllll the way back while I worked on my business plan for most of the flight.
Borrego Springs is a nice place. It had dreams of being another Palm Springs, but it hasn’t caught on, so it remains a small town out in the middle of the desert.

My only complaint is it really felt like the one branch of the family show vs. my immediate family. I wanted very much much to play golf with my cousins, etc., but plans were made for all of them to play on another course than us all the days we were there, without trying to include us. Some of this was due to my uncle getting a good deal on rounds at this other course, and I understand that…but really, what’s more important? I have never played with my aunt and uncle and kids of my cousins…I wanted to.

Not that it mattered in terms of fun. My parents, DLJ and I played a fun round of golf ourselves, went to the driving range on Friday when we decided it was too windy to play the course, took an amazing hike through the Borrego Desert National Park, and relaxed by the pool, reading interspersed with swimming. Dad did play a little tennis with some of the rest of the family, and I did get to catch up with my cousins M and D and did get to talk to my aunt and uncle…but sometimes, it felt like we were having two seperate vacations, meeting for meals in the middle. We had a great time and the last night we went to a wonderful place for dinner, an old resort that used to be the favorite hideway of M. Monroe and other movie stars. It has a beautiful large pool, and has kept to the modern mid-century look and feel with a wonderful restoration. Dinner was delicious and a real treat to end the trip. It was casual, but the food was at fine dining standards, and very tasty.
You can see the hotel here.By that time, everyone else had gone home, we were the last to leave by leaving on Sunday, but again, that was just fine. Borrego has a dark skies policy due to a nearby observatory so we wandered out, DLJ Dad and I with a flashlight and star map to see the skies. We all saw the same shooting star, it was so bright. We all sat and watched “The Apartment” together the last evening before going to bed.

I hope it gels together with more thoughtfulness next year. We won’t be there, as it’s DLJ’s folks for Thanksgiving in 2006. Overall it was a wonderful time and I am glad to have seen my family from the Bay Area, as I hadn’t since before we moved to Oregon.

Dichro and turkey

We are off today to be with family for Turkey Day. Flying. I’m calmer this time than usual, but I’m still not thrilled about it. It’s a short flight at least.

Made my first dichro bead Tuesday. I love the color, the glass started out reddish/yellow! ;)

If I have access to them Internets I’ll update from the road, otherwise, I’ll be reading, relaxing, playing a little golf (now that’s comedy), making a couple of bracelet orders, and hanging out with family. I haven’t seen some of them since I moved to Oregon, so…lots of catching up to do.

Take care and I will be back in a few days. Yep. Planes will be good.

On top

This weekend it didn’t rain, which made it a working weekend in terms of the house. DLJ raked leaves up all over the yard, and when we ran out of room in the yard waste bin, he made piles in all four corners for future disposal. We’ve already put a lot in the compost bin, and need to balance it with green waste like veggie scraps.
I got my gloves and the tree pruner and scrambled up a ladder onto the roof, where I cleaned out all the gutters, flinging gunk to the yard below, and pruned back as much of the maple in the front yard that I could reach. I still need to get at a few more areas with the ladder from the ground. It was a bright, clear fall day and often I would take a short break just sitting up there, looking over the other rooftops and trees. The view is so different from just a couple stories up. It was a wonderful day to clean gutters, if you had to clean gutters.

I finished the second candle dish as well, and now both are packed and ready to go.

Not a fabulous “finished” photo, I know, but that’s what you get when I’m super busy.

DLJ treated me to dinner Saturday evening. That means he made dinner, instead of me. It’s been weeks since I have had someone homemake a dinner for me to eat, and it was wonderful. Then, Sunday morning, he made french toast! Another wonderful meal I didn’t plan or create! DLJ rocks my socks! After that we ventured out to finally see the Wallace and Gromit movie. Yay! I really enjoyed it. It was a nice, quiet theatre too, with just a handful of us as everyone else gathered around Harry Potter, I suspect.

Back home, I made beads for some orders, and wanted to get at the tree again, but the early evenings made it too dark by the time I finished starting dinner. When we went to the coast last weekend, we bought a pizza stone at a huge discount at the outlets stores out there. Since we put money out for it, it’s going to change our Sunday night Papa Murphy’s ritual. Papa Murphy’s is already cheaper than a regular restaurant bought pizza, but homemade is even cheaper. I made my first batch of dough, enough for two pies and froze the other for the future. But once I had made the dough and left it to rise, too dark too soon, so instead I fiddled more with the juiceglass store, fixing pricing and descriptions. Dinner and Simpsons (it was one of my sister in law’s episodes, yay!) and before I knew it, I was tired and in bed!

This week is Thanksgiving, meaning travel and flight for me. Trying to stay calmer, doing ok, not too morbid yet. But I am doing the “I wish it was Wed. eve” braindance, since when it gets to be then, I will be at my destination and only have the flight home left. Still, I am doing a lot better at staying relaxed, compared to usual. This should be a snap compared to Tokyo, but time and distance don’t matter. I have to fly in either case.

posted out

So many letters in the mail today. I sent the property taxes (which we are considering appealing, but we have till Jan. 2 do to that), a bead, and my CD and fee for the SE Portland Artwalk in 2006. I tried to go to the post office in Depoe Bay on Saturday, but they weren’t really open, just taking packages I needed stamps and one envelope, so it was not to be.
The coast was marvelous, rainy and stormy. Saturday night there were, according to the folks in the tiny cafe we ate in Sunday morning, gusts up to 80 mph. Lots of crashing waves as we watched Ice Age and drank wine. During the day Saturday we did errands, buying cleaning products and basics for the place. I stopped by a local glass fuser/lampworker not far up the road and talked shop; she gave me five pieces of dichro to play with, yay!
It was a good weekend of not doin’ much, and we were back in time for the Simpsons yesterday.
While at the post office mailing away beads, cds and way too much money, I filled out an app for a post office box. The waiting list is only two weeks, no problem.
And now I must go make some pretty webpages.

Black Tie

This is a bracelet I made for a coworker. Some of the pieces came from a previous bracelet, but only the non-lampworked ones. I like the one that looks like octopus suckers best.

It’s coooooold here. Frost on the ground. Chip your windshield before leaving cold. Hot tea at night cold. Our trip to San Diego for Thanksgiving will be a nice warm spell. And we will play golf!


Wow, yesterday was fun and a lot of work.

It was a stormy day, but so many people came out to the holiday sale.
A lot of my friends from work showed, as well as livejournal peeps like synthcat and dstroy. Several of my sales were from friends, which was really kind of them, and it was fun to sell to people I didn’t know! I made a couple good contacts, I have (hopefully) one order that will come in after the fact (I didn’t have the style she liked in purple) and I made over $250, which for my first time out I think is really good. That also means a nice little chunk to go to my hurricane relief charity of choice, which I will take care of later today. I learned a LOT. And thanks to gaaneden for allowing me to put her plate out as display, it made the table sparkle!
I had a limited budget and timeframe to come up with my table, and I know one thing I need is higher risers, more things at eye level. I knew this going in and being there confirmed it. And I need to pull together more of a theme with my table, I want it to be an experience.
But the group and the other artisans were very supportive and nice, and the collective founders said you’d never know it was my first show.

Ah, the bellydance costuming gets a second life! ;)

Now it’s time to organize at home. I spent this past month working on my inventory everywhere, in bed, the floor, the family room. I took the table from the show and set it up in my office, so now I will have a place only to work on the jewelry section of things.
Thanks to everyone who came out, and the good news for all you far away folks, everything that didn’t sell now will be in my online store, opening in a couple weeks. =)
Ok, time to get dressed, plant some bulbs while its actually not raining, make a lasagna, and clean up everything from yesterday.

I’m a sellout

Work requested I take an extension to the end of the year, and I agreed. Today should have been my one week mark to the end, but now Dec. 30th is my exit signpost.

I have very mixed feelings about all this.

Math shows me that DLJ’s income is pretty low for what it should be. I have to keep that in mind for now, that this is truly a wronged situation that will be made right one way or another. Hopefully that will change soon, but I cannnot be certain when that will be. It eats me up inside. Makes me angry. He deserves more for what he knows, and what he does. Plop that on top of $3,000 in dental bills by the end of the year…

So I had to take it. What we will do is live like I didn’t, and stash as much of it as we can to recoup the dental bills and put more away in the emergency fund.

I have to remember that when I stop working fulltime, that doesn’t mean I’m stopping working. I’m just not working for anyone else anymore. Glass will take awhile, but yes, I might actually make money at it. Getting my larger kiln will significantly up my production levels. And I will still look for web gigs on the side. I will sell things on Ebay. I will work at lowering costs everywhere else in ways that aren’t possible when you work all day and are tired and have no time. I will be earning money buy spending less of it over time.

But I forget all that and focus on DLJ’s paycheck and feel trapped and saddened. It will pass, I know it will…but it makes my plans cloudy and more uncertain. On his salary, we really couldn’t get by unless we ate ramen and sat at home in layers with the heat off, never made phone calls and got entirely rid of cable tv. But it will work out, one way or the other, because we will fix it. And if we save up the bulk of the money I make by staying here until the end of the year, and take a chunk of that and use it to offset the hard times by just adding enough to get by with no problems…hopefully that will be time for me to ramp up the glass, the ebay, get the other projects going and find the sweet spot of making enough to get by without stress on the basics…which is my goal right now.

But I still feel like a total sellout, sad, and my momentum is screwed up. I was amped, I was pumped…and now I guess I’ll go get some coffee and bring it back to my cube. My choice was the right one for our circumstances right now…but I feel lost. And I admit that there is a part of me somewhere, as a woman, as a Cancer, who wants to stay home, take care of the house, provide warm safe home, and be taken care of. But that has never been my role in this marriage, and maybe it never will be. I’ve always an extrovert, a go getter, loud, brash, independent, a grrrl instead of a girlie girl. What’s the solution, marry a rich guy? I didn’t marry for that. I married someone who will let me do what I want, be who I want, and who loves me. But what I have achieved over my grrrl years is now a pair of handcuffs. And that shouldn’t be! So I feel bad but I know it won’t be this way forever.