Borrego Springs

I did really well on the plane again. That pilot’s site really, really makes a difference in how I feel during flight. I don’t get scared at all during turbulence anymore. The worst thing about this flight was the three New Zealander kids behind me that would not shut up or stop slamming their trays up and down. Both me and the guy next to me (not DLJ, the other side) turned around and told them to can it. I usually am nice with my leaning back of my chair, I don’t do it all the way, but with these over-sugared under-contained kids I leaned alllllll the way back while I worked on my business plan for most of the flight.
Borrego Springs is a nice place. It had dreams of being another Palm Springs, but it hasn’t caught on, so it remains a small town out in the middle of the desert.

My only complaint is it really felt like the one branch of the family show vs. my immediate family. I wanted very much much to play golf with my cousins, etc., but plans were made for all of them to play on another course than us all the days we were there, without trying to include us. Some of this was due to my uncle getting a good deal on rounds at this other course, and I understand that…but really, what’s more important? I have never played with my aunt and uncle and kids of my cousins…I wanted to.

Not that it mattered in terms of fun. My parents, DLJ and I played a fun round of golf ourselves, went to the driving range on Friday when we decided it was too windy to play the course, took an amazing hike through the Borrego Desert National Park, and relaxed by the pool, reading interspersed with swimming. Dad did play a little tennis with some of the rest of the family, and I did get to catch up with my cousins M and D and did get to talk to my aunt and uncle…but sometimes, it felt like we were having two seperate vacations, meeting for meals in the middle. We had a great time and the last night we went to a wonderful place for dinner, an old resort that used to be the favorite hideway of M. Monroe and other movie stars. It has a beautiful large pool, and has kept to the modern mid-century look and feel with a wonderful restoration. Dinner was delicious and a real treat to end the trip. It was casual, but the food was at fine dining standards, and very tasty.
You can see the hotel here.By that time, everyone else had gone home, we were the last to leave by leaving on Sunday, but again, that was just fine. Borrego has a dark skies policy due to a nearby observatory so we wandered out, DLJ Dad and I with a flashlight and star map to see the skies. We all saw the same shooting star, it was so bright. We all sat and watched “The Apartment” together the last evening before going to bed.

I hope it gels together with more thoughtfulness next year. We won’t be there, as it’s DLJ’s folks for Thanksgiving in 2006. Overall it was a wonderful time and I am glad to have seen my family from the Bay Area, as I hadn’t since before we moved to Oregon.

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  1. Great to hear you had a good trip. I agree that it’s good to make time for family sometimes. As much as some of my family annoy me, I always love get-togethers.

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