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This weekend it didn’t rain, which made it a working weekend in terms of the house. DLJ raked leaves up all over the yard, and when we ran out of room in the yard waste bin, he made piles in all four corners for future disposal. We’ve already put a lot in the compost bin, and need to balance it with green waste like veggie scraps.
I got my gloves and the tree pruner and scrambled up a ladder onto the roof, where I cleaned out all the gutters, flinging gunk to the yard below, and pruned back as much of the maple in the front yard that I could reach. I still need to get at a few more areas with the ladder from the ground. It was a bright, clear fall day and often I would take a short break just sitting up there, looking over the other rooftops and trees. The view is so different from just a couple stories up. It was a wonderful day to clean gutters, if you had to clean gutters.

I finished the second candle dish as well, and now both are packed and ready to go.

Not a fabulous “finished” photo, I know, but that’s what you get when I’m super busy.

DLJ treated me to dinner Saturday evening. That means he made dinner, instead of me. It’s been weeks since I have had someone homemake a dinner for me to eat, and it was wonderful. Then, Sunday morning, he made french toast! Another wonderful meal I didn’t plan or create! DLJ rocks my socks! After that we ventured out to finally see the Wallace and Gromit movie. Yay! I really enjoyed it. It was a nice, quiet theatre too, with just a handful of us as everyone else gathered around Harry Potter, I suspect.

Back home, I made beads for some orders, and wanted to get at the tree again, but the early evenings made it too dark by the time I finished starting dinner. When we went to the coast last weekend, we bought a pizza stone at a huge discount at the outlets stores out there. Since we put money out for it, it’s going to change our Sunday night Papa Murphy’s ritual. Papa Murphy’s is already cheaper than a regular restaurant bought pizza, but homemade is even cheaper. I made my first batch of dough, enough for two pies and froze the other for the future. But once I had made the dough and left it to rise, too dark too soon, so instead I fiddled more with the juiceglass store, fixing pricing and descriptions. Dinner and Simpsons (it was one of my sister in law’s episodes, yay!) and before I knew it, I was tired and in bed!

This week is Thanksgiving, meaning travel and flight for me. Trying to stay calmer, doing ok, not too morbid yet. But I am doing the “I wish it was Wed. eve” braindance, since when it gets to be then, I will be at my destination and only have the flight home left. Still, I am doing a lot better at staying relaxed, compared to usual. This should be a snap compared to Tokyo, but time and distance don’t matter. I have to fly in either case.

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