Wow, yesterday was fun and a lot of work.

It was a stormy day, but so many people came out to the holiday sale.
A lot of my friends from work showed, as well as livejournal peeps like synthcat and dstroy. Several of my sales were from friends, which was really kind of them, and it was fun to sell to people I didn’t know! I made a couple good contacts, I have (hopefully) one order that will come in after the fact (I didn’t have the style she liked in purple) and I made over $250, which for my first time out I think is really good. That also means a nice little chunk to go to my hurricane relief charity of choice, which I will take care of later today. I learned a LOT. And thanks to gaaneden for allowing me to put her plate out as display, it made the table sparkle!
I had a limited budget and timeframe to come up with my table, and I know one thing I need is higher risers, more things at eye level. I knew this going in and being there confirmed it. And I need to pull together more of a theme with my table, I want it to be an experience.
But the group and the other artisans were very supportive and nice, and the collective founders said you’d never know it was my first show.

Ah, the bellydance costuming gets a second life! ;)

Now it’s time to organize at home. I spent this past month working on my inventory everywhere, in bed, the floor, the family room. I took the table from the show and set it up in my office, so now I will have a place only to work on the jewelry section of things.
Thanks to everyone who came out, and the good news for all you far away folks, everything that didn’t sell now will be in my online store, opening in a couple weeks. =)
Ok, time to get dressed, plant some bulbs while its actually not raining, make a lasagna, and clean up everything from yesterday.

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