$168 later…

Ankimo is sick. Infected eyes, infected throat, slightly rattly chest. Her ears are ok. They drew blood and we will get results tomorrow. She has to stay away from the other cats just in case.

We don’t land till past ten pm on Sunday. I wanted to take the train but I’m not sure we when we land now, I thought we had an earlier flight. But if we drive we get to pay for parking, whee more money.

I just want this whole thing to be over with. I’m exhausted, scared, and unhappy.

3 thoughts on “$168 later…

  1. Our cat is home alone while we are away over Christmas, but he does have our best friend looking after him, so I expect he’ll be getting double cuddles…

    Of course I have no doubt that our cat has several “homes” that he frequents.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I hope your trip went well and that you had as nice of a holiday as one can have with a sick kitty at home. And I hope Ankimo is feeling better. It’s almost the new year which means lots of glass time so just hang in a bit longer . . . it’ll be here before you know it! Thinking of you

  3. thanks for the thoughts, ange, that was so sweet of you. Just two more flights and I’m done for awhile…and Ankimo is feeling MUCH better.

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