3 Strange Days

Three days to go . And then I’m gone. My boss and almost everyone is out for the holidays. I don’t even know what I am supposed to do with my badge. Friday I will probably just leave it on my boss’s desk in an envelope and gather my last things, and walk out the door that I will then be unable to open anymore.
It can be a scary word.
The weekend will be normal (except for that whole NYE thing, heh) and then Monday is a holiday for most people. Tuesday I suspect I will take as a day off as well, making glass but mostly enjoying myself. And then Wednesday, I will start in on my new life.
It’s going to take some serious adjusting. I still weigh my value by how much I make. And I will still be making money, but not for simply showing up at a regular job. Not everything I do during the day will have financial reward (housecleaning). But most of it will be worth more than gold or any paycheck I have become accustomed to. I will be free. And very busy. But done with selling my time on earth for a regular paycheck at a job and a career that I got by chance. A wonderful, fun, crazy, dotcom-livin’, riding the crest of tech career that I wouldn’t trade for anything in terms of what I have learned, who I have met, and how I have experienced it. And I will still keep in touch with it through my web freelancing. But as an answer to “what do you do?” I will no longer answer webdesigner. The answer will be artist, glass, jewelry, and a little web thrown in here and there. The longer list that I won’t ramble is artist, glass, jewelry, a little web thrown in here and there, financial organizer, business owner, homemaker, accountant, marketing strategist, writer, cook, student, photographer. It’s going to take time to settle into all this.
I’ll be one of the richest girls in the world.

One thought on “3 Strange Days

  1. Congratulations on starting your new life… a dream come through! I am envious of how organized you sound and wish I could be half of that. Hope Ankimo is doing much better…

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