Work was busy the first half of the day, now we are in a small doldrums. There’s work to be done, but my replacement doesn’t have all the correct access rights to everything, so he can’t do what I can do. I don’t want to do it for him, as the point is for him to learn from me these two weeks. So hell, I will write an entry. Bad me.
I did my last large stocking up order before the new year on my glass and jewelry stuff. There is a HUGE sale at Bullseye in January, since I will have copious unscheduled time it will be easy to sashay over there for 60% off on sheet glass, 30% on molds and other yummy sale items. If the metalsmithing class goes well, then I will a few tools and basics to do more metal work, but I will wait until the class is complete to see how it goes and to learn more about what I will need.
I’m starting to put together a schedule in my head for my days. It roughly goes something like this:

Wake up
Email/website/marketing rounds/networking
Housekeeping (1 room a day plus straightening up)
Webmonkey work or errands, depending what’s going on/more juiceglass
Cooking dinner

Errands will only be one or two days a week, except for if I am sending out orders.

If there is no webmonkey work or errands, more glass related stuff. I will crockpot at least twice a week, I think, to save time and hassle.

I’m sure the schedule will shift around as I learn more about working my own business. But it’s good to have a starting point, at any rate. My class is in the evenings.

How domestic am I? Does it make you ill?

I have a walking tour of Portland Art Show that I got into in March. It’s a juried event so I am very pleased. And I will have two months of time to get things made, every day. I can REALLY work on my glass! There’s a few more shows to enter, and the whole biz license thing to get completed. I might take my puter with me this weekend, even though it is a quick trip, so that I can work further on the business plan on the plane. It keeps me distracted, anyway. I can’t wait to be back home though. This trip will be good but it really has caused me stress.

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