Eco Christmas`

Being ecologically minded at the holidays is not often thought about, but there are many things you can do to make your holidays truly more everGREEN. ;)

Here is a terrific article with tips and ideas.

A local cut tree, if you must have a tree, is better than a fake one used for years, which is made with plastics, creating noxious gases during creation, was probably shipped from far away, creating more air pollution…

…so much to think about. Even putting your holiday lights on a timer helps. Why waste the energy at 3 am when no one is awake to see them? =)

3 thoughts on “Eco Christmas`

  1. yes! I agree! this year we tried a rosemary bush it’s called Tuscan Blue since it’ll flower with baby blue tiny blooms in the spring.

    It’s not as big and luscious as a pine tree, but it’s a LIVING tree and not a dead, cut one.

  2. While I see your point I wonder if it isn’t better to re-use the fake tree. I mean, obviously, don’t go out and buy one. But, if you have already bought one or have had one given to you wouldn’t it be worse to throw it away and buy a cut tree?

    I’d suggest if you have one then use it until it dies or donate it to someone else or salvation army. Also, if you buy a cut tree I would suggest planting (or donating the money for planting else where) a new tree.

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