glass class

Day one is over. I will sure have a couple wierd things to take photos of. These beads are HUGE. HUUUUUUUGE.

The whole point was to make large focals, and play with dots. Larry Brickman is a dot guy, and a big ol’ beads guy. It was really hard to keep up with all that glass on my mandrel, one, cause it’s so much more than I usually use, and two, it’s tanked oxy and that makes for a stronger flame. I use a concentrator, so I got the glass too hot sometimes. When I hook my two concentrators up, it will be more like that.

Larry is awesome, as is Bonnie. I have taken classes with Bonnie before, but not Larry. He rules as an instructor and is an all around nice guy to talk to, as well.

I’m one of the youngest in the class.

I think I did well. But man. Seriously. HUGE BEADS. (this should make Academic Hussy happy, she wanted a big bear and I’m not at that stage yet, but this class sure as hell is helping with that.)

Here is Larry’s website.

Tomorrow, hollow beads more foils, metallics, more HUGE beads!

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