plate juggling, but managing (except for dinner)

Lots has been done the past few days.

Made some beads. Made an AWESOME pendant that I plan to repeat, once again, yay universe for those happy accidents that beget beauty! I will have picture tomorrow. It’s simple…but wow.

Sold one bracelet, three necklaces and a pair of earrings this week.

Got signed up to display my work at a local bead store. It’s a rotating thing, so for a couple weeks my stuff will be there. A friend here who makes glass dishes and things to DIE for is going to do it, too! It’s new and small so it’s no big deal, but a good thing all the same. Now I’ll have to talk to them about selling some of my beads and pendants IN the store, next! hehehe.

Dropped the ball on tonight’s dinner, forgot to prep last night for crock pot. Boo.

Mailed off to register my business name. Contacted city to see if there’s anything I need cleared (propane, all that).

I have a small show this weekend, actually, two, a pal is putting some of my stuff on her table, which is very kind. This is why the juiceglass store is not live. I need what inventory I have!

So store goes live Monday. =)

I need to get all the holiday stuff out, it is December 1st, after all. Need to start deep cleaning the house for holidays.

My side web job is about to get a lot bigger. With Thomas doing a small tour in CA in January, and planning to work a lot more on his music (HOW EXCITING IS THIS) it means a lot more website work. We are also going to at least two of the shows to be photographers and content collectors for the site. Crashing at good ol’ amaebi’s. It’s time to see him again, anyway, and our turn to visit his digs. Tour section, photos, info, plus the overhaul we already want to do. I am going to be one busy beaver come the New Year, and I love it.

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