Two for Friday

The first was a happy accident, I will definitely be making these in many more colors! I love how it fused fully on top, but remains apart on the bottom, like ribbon!

Ribbon of Ice

And one for a friend….this design is based on one made by a friend on LJ and in real life, julrosec…. I fell in love with what she did with one of my pendants on silver chain…so here’s my take on it, with her permission. =)

Bundled Copper

4 thoughts on “Two for Friday

  1. thanks! I am so pleased with it. It’s so simple in design…but it doesn’t need to be any more than it is. =)

  2. The ribbon one really is great, isn’t it. I can only imagine how difficult it’s going to be to repeat the accident though :)

    Reminds me of that movie – “The Invisible Boy” (?) where some kids made a potion that turned you invisible – and the secret ingredient turned out to be bird shit…

  3. well, welly, I wrote down my firing schedule, so it should be something I can repeat…but glass is fickle, it might take a few tries even with the hard facts written down.

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