Wheels Do Turn

Time can’t go fast enough, and I wish it would slow down. I want to be past the holiday hump, the travel, the hurdles. I want to be past this job, yet I am terrified. I put on a good show about this change I am about to make…but that doesn’t mean it’s not scary.

Ten more working days now, not including today. It’s time to start gathering the spreadsheets and things to start keeping really good records.

I need to get the post office to stop putting the mail from previous owners of my post office box in there for me.

I got my first biz spam junk mail in there yesterday. It’s only been two weeks. Now that I have registered the biz name, I’m sure the onslaught is about to begin. I will take some steps to lessen it, if I can.

Tomorrow I will start cleaning out my cube, since I will be sharing it with my friend for the next two weeks while we transition. Should be nice and cozy. I tried to get him a different one, further away from the gossipy call center women, but oh well. I made my point and they might keep looking for him to be somewhere else anyway. It will be fun! Lots to do, but I get to work with a friend for two weeks. Neat.

I SO need to dip mandrels. It’s just too dark and cold at night but I gotta do it. This weekend we will polish off the light switch in the studio and then I can make my calls to the local fire marshall, etc., to get things signed off ok for my biz license. We also should get a tree if we are going to get one, heh. So busy.

So much to be done in the house. The front door sticks a little since we put the new kick plate on, needs to be sanded down, which means more hours with the front door wide open.So fun when it’s so cold! Really need to finish the shower, too. I miss taking a shower in the bedroom, instead of going downstairs. =)

I’ve been trading emails back and forth with a nice guy from SCORE, a volunteer effort that helps small biz folks with advice and resources. They set me up with this guy and we will start meeting in the New Year. He has experience with glass, jewelry and retail, which is perfect, of course. They really try to set you up with someone in your field of biz. I am looking forward to his crits and advice. There are some papers and things he wants from me before we meet, so I will work on polishing off more of my biz plan, as well as some other materials he requested.

I’ve been spending money stocking up on things for the biz while the cash is still coming in at the “usual” level. Glass. More glass. A few tools. The more I have now, the lower my costs as I start out. Ant vs. grasshopper mentality. The last really HUGE purchase will happen right after the new year, of the new kiln. Then that painful seperation of money will be over and it will all be smaller from then on in. Especially once the tax id gets here. =)

Last night we did a little holiday shopping. I’m a Jersey Girl, the mall is home turf but I was antsy after about 40 minutes of it. I did my shopping and got out of there. I’m done. It was easy this year. Now I just have to wrap. I wish I could wrap in newspaper…but I need to break my family and friends into the old “new” me gently. :p

3 thoughts on “Wheels Do Turn

  1. how do you take stgeps to lessen your biz spam? i just registered my business name, too, and that was one of my primary fears. score sounds neat: thanks for the tip. :)

  2. i will try to find the link I found on it. So annoying, I have a post office box for a few reasons, and this is one of them. So who sold me out!? ;)

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