spinning laundry

I just put a lasagna in the oven for DLJ when he gets home, as my metalsmithing class starts tonight, and I won’t be here with dinner on the table. I am really excited for this class.

It’s raining again, thank you, Supertramp.

Tomorrow I have a very early appointment and then I must come back and watch the house remodel type thing get going. And make glass. I wanted to today, but left my KEY in there and locked it when we went to LA. Pathetic. So instead I installed Quickbooks and got that going, and started laundry, and took a walk this morning before the rains began.

I shot some jewelry, and some beads, I should have another auction up tomorrow, and hopefully a couple more after I get back in the studio.

I want my big mama kiln! Soon! I have candleholders to make! And round dishes!

Why do cats, when they lick themselves, always make that especially nasty sound when licking their butts?

Gosh, was L.A fun. Thomas put on some excellent shows, despite some sound issues at the Anaheim show. The sound in Hollywood was excellent. The lighting at both made it hard to get good pictures. We have some we like, but they could have been better if adequate lighting had been around. I had a little bit of time to catch up with him, a few moments when everyone else left the dressing room to look for food. It was sweet, though, he was so busy, when he came off stage in Anaheim I came along behind him from the wings and walked on by, without a word. As I went upstairs with my friend Amaebi behind me, I felt a tug on my arm. Thomas was behind Amaebi and reached forward to grab my arm as we went back to his dressing area. He gave me a happy smile, and that was really sweet. Thoughtful. K, his wife, told me as we watched him during sound check that he was just so thrilled that DLJ and I were there. Not as thrilled as we were, I replied. I really miss both of them a lot, and we see them so rarely…there’s no way we would have missed his shows.

I might have another chance in March, lighting wise…we shall see…DLJ is the pro at concert photography, not me. Hopefully he will get some more chances down the road to work with better lighting.


We picked our contractor, and I will inform them today.
Things will get moving. We will leave the house for three days at some point, cats and all. We will retreat to the coast for a relaxing weekend with cats wondering where they are.

We also will get a break starting tomorrow on our jaunt down to LA. I am looking forward to the sunshine (once I get off the plane) and seeing friends. When I get back, my metalsmithing class starts. I won’t have to spend all this time hunting for contractors and estimates. Glass will go back to the forefront. A few web gigs might trickle in as I hunt for them.

The weather says rain all day and the rest of the week. The stolen moments of sun from earlier in the week were luxurious.

I need to connect with folks that think how I do, more. The few artists I have met lately, the friends trying to make changes, fight the tide of mass consumerism. I need to hang out with them more, so we can feed each other. I have been so busy with the house, not so social.

Today I am fetching us a treat. I ordered it before I stopped working. Months ago. Burrata. Burrata is to buffalo mozzerella what that stuff is to polly-o string cheese. It is the pinnacle of soft cheese. So soft that when you cut into it it leaks. There are three of them at Pastaworks on Hawthorne. One is reserved for me. It’s pricey, for the size, but I committed a long time ago and DLJ has never had burrata. You can’t go through life, if you are a cheese fan, without trying it at least once. I haven’t had it since my days as a restaurant slave.
It will be good eatin’ tonight.

Coldly Foggy

It’s foggy today, and DLJ says, very cold outside. I will have to bundle up a lot for my walk in a little while. The fog burned off yesterday so I hope it does again today. Sun! There was SUN yesterday! A totally blue sky! I was busy with a lot of cleaning and projects but I took a short break in the afternoon with a cup of white pear tea and just sat out in the sun, feeling the warmth on my skin as the cool air stirred my hair.

I’m reading “The Virgin Suicides” again while I get up the energy for a library trip…that book…something just captures growing up as a kid, a neighborhood, the summer. There’s just that special feeling of being that age, where connections are everything in a non-work sense. He writes with such familiarity…the words just slam it home and I want to live in those words for awhile. Not that life, not that story…but…

“The identical lawns down the block were empty. Someone was barbecuing somewhere. Behind Joe Larson’s house we could hear a birdie being batted back and forth, endlessly, by the two greatest badminton players in the world.

By this time it was nearly nine o’clock. From the roof of Chase Buell’s house where we congregated after getting out of our dress-up clothes to watch what would happen next,we could see, over the heaps of trees throwing themselves into the air, the abrupt demarcation where the trees ended and the city began.

Yum. It will be a good reread.

Since I have been at home, I have not changed the heating schedule, meaning I am home with the house still thinking no one is here during the day. With layers it’s fine…but I look forward to days I can open the windows and doors without fear of losing the heat left in the house.

Friday we fly to LA for the weekend to see Thomas perform at two of his three House of Blues shows. Everything seems set and organized, car, plane, photo release forms. I might meet with a podcaster on Sunday, need to set that up, to learn more about the technology. We are also going to a museum Saturday, which looks amazing.Ashes and Snow. And seeing good ol’ Amaebi, my old friend. We are crashing with him in Venice. I am looking forward to seeing Thomas play, after so many years, I’ve only caught one glimpse of that at a Robyn Hitchcock show. I hope we get some excellent shots for his website. DLJ is looking forward to giving the new camera a workout. It will be just like old times for him, from his days shooting concerts back in San Francisco.

Ok, fog, burn away.



Lentils. I need to get better with my pressed shapes, but these came out well and I only junked two to make this many that I liked…

Everytime I sit down I try to recreate the wheel. I should take something like this, and do it a few different ways. I’m a dolt.

My license came in and I got my first account with a wholesaler that I like, so now chains and things will be a lot more affordable. I’ll have to get my first order together in early February, so I can be ready for the SE ArtWalk

Today’s thoughts.

I’ve been keeping a personal log of my days since about 3 weeks before my contract ended at Xerox. Here is a section of today:
By Jan 17th, the doldrums had set in. I wasn’t sure what this life was supposed to be, and the recent house issues weren’t helping. I spent hours talking to contractors, arranging times for them to come see our damaged wall, the piles of sheetrock mold farm sitting on the musty carpet. I had both my cell phone and the cordless handset for the home phone attached to me like electronic leeches at all times, in case someone called in with a bid or a question. The silence when my husband left the house wasn’t a blissful moment of quiet contemplation before the day. It was a giant moment of hesitation, punctuated by the rattling drone of the dehumidifier fighting crime down in the family room. The feeling that I envisioned had arrived. Were the hours I spent without a dollar amount attached to them just sloth? I was getting tons of work done on the house planning; there is no way we would have been able to handle seeking out contractors with both of us working full time. It felt good getting things done during the day, and I was curious about the others I saw outside of a working world. Who were they, how were they free? Were they retired? Rich? Moms? Stay at home Dads? Self-employed?
But still, the march had begun. The last paycheck deposited. Just as it takes a few weeks for regular pay to kick in when you start a job, it takes a few weeks for the lack of funds feeding into your bank account to catch up with you. I still felt no pain, things appeared to be business as usual, but the change was right around the corner…with over $8k of home repairs heading the charge.

Another week.

It’s a holiday today but DLJ does not have it off. If the courts are open, he works, too.
This week:

Studio time!
Hopefully choose house contractor by end of week.
Mail out auctions.
If my Biz license shows up now that it has been approved, open biz checking account.
Clean dining room and bedroom, bathroom.
Start new website.
Complete friend’s site – 90% done.
Food Shopping Day.
Condo errands for ‘rents.
Return videos to library.
Bullseye studio sale.

Busy. Me? Nah.


We are going to go to the Japanese Garden since there is a spot of sunlight running about today.
I need to finish some website work for a friend, talk to some other folks about some media files, hopefully get in the studio, and make pizza dough. And if I am fortunate, get some writing done and some reading in.

DLJ made pancakes for breakkie. Yum.