Coldly Foggy

It’s foggy today, and DLJ says, very cold outside. I will have to bundle up a lot for my walk in a little while. The fog burned off yesterday so I hope it does again today. Sun! There was SUN yesterday! A totally blue sky! I was busy with a lot of cleaning and projects but I took a short break in the afternoon with a cup of white pear tea and just sat out in the sun, feeling the warmth on my skin as the cool air stirred my hair.

I’m reading “The Virgin Suicides” again while I get up the energy for a library trip…that book…something just captures growing up as a kid, a neighborhood, the summer. There’s just that special feeling of being that age, where connections are everything in a non-work sense. He writes with such familiarity…the words just slam it home and I want to live in those words for awhile. Not that life, not that story…but…

“The identical lawns down the block were empty. Someone was barbecuing somewhere. Behind Joe Larson’s house we could hear a birdie being batted back and forth, endlessly, by the two greatest badminton players in the world.

By this time it was nearly nine o’clock. From the roof of Chase Buell’s house where we congregated after getting out of our dress-up clothes to watch what would happen next,we could see, over the heaps of trees throwing themselves into the air, the abrupt demarcation where the trees ended and the city began.

Yum. It will be a good reread.

Since I have been at home, I have not changed the heating schedule, meaning I am home with the house still thinking no one is here during the day. With layers it’s fine…but I look forward to days I can open the windows and doors without fear of losing the heat left in the house.

Friday we fly to LA for the weekend to see Thomas perform at two of his three House of Blues shows. Everything seems set and organized, car, plane, photo release forms. I might meet with a podcaster on Sunday, need to set that up, to learn more about the technology. We are also going to a museum Saturday, which looks amazing.Ashes and Snow. And seeing good ol’ Amaebi, my old friend. We are crashing with him in Venice. I am looking forward to seeing Thomas play, after so many years, I’ve only caught one glimpse of that at a Robyn Hitchcock show. I hope we get some excellent shots for his website. DLJ is looking forward to giving the new camera a workout. It will be just like old times for him, from his days shooting concerts back in San Francisco.

Ok, fog, burn away.

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