first beads of 2006

Ok, making hollows last week wasn’t just a glitch. I always have this fear that if I did it once, doesn’t mean I can do it again.


Hollows, yeah. I can do them again.

Winter Thaw.

This is with a new camera, as well. My old one was 3.2 megapixels. Now we have 6 something. DLJ already has about 8 lenses that match this camera body from his professional photographer days. Sweet. But I’m still keeping one of my old Coolpix….I love that thing.

7 thoughts on “first beads of 2006

  1. *blush* aw, thanks. They should be up for auction this week on I havent’ started on ebay yet…not sure when I will.

  2. Hey, tried to send this to your email, but it got bounced back…
    Have I emailed you recently? Don’t think so…

    I was listening to the latest podcast of SoccerGirl and she did a moviemotage of the Labrynth, and of course whenever I think of the Labrynth at all, I think of you.

    So I don’t know if you’re embracing the whole podcast thing, but check out episode 90 at

    And if you are missing the sound of my voice, you can check out or search the itunes music store for JasonKnows.

    I’d love to do a audio clip promoting your new business…

    We should talk about it if you are interested.

    Hope you are well and your family is prosperous over 2006.

    (hmmm… seems the way that I always remind you that you know me is to mention my Ren and Stimpy motorcycle helmet)

  3. Hey! Probably have your rock-star-dance-card filled up, but I read you are coming down to my neck of the woods tomorrow!

    If you feel like slumming it in Long Beach and need a guide. I’m your man!

    I might try to go to the TD show in Anaheim. Are you planning to go to that one?

    The product you are making is exquisite! I am putting a commercial together for you for my next podcast. If that’s all right with you!

    Shoot me a mail and I’ll shoot you my phone!

  4. Hey there, sorry I missed you. He will be coming thru Anaheim again most likely, and I will be there.


    Podcastin’! Hmmm!

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