First Day

It’s raining, so I went for a walk early, soon after DLJ left to get out and moving a little. After coming home I heated up some scrambled eggs, then went down the studio and made beads until I ran out of mandrels. I’ve definitely graduated from the larger ones to smaller…the large ones will be good for large bears and pigs and such…but for everyday…I think I’m a 1/16″ girl now. I’m almost out of bead release…need to fix that.

The bedroom is clean, and the hallway vacuumed. I put out some mail. I need to take poor Ankimo to the vet in a few hours to get her green light to being healthy again. Then it’s back home and out again to meet DLJ and some friends at a bar, a regular Tuesday night thing we don’t normally go to, but I need to get some papers back from a friend.

Until I take Ankimo to the vet I think I will try to set up my organized files in my office, maybe put a few photos up on istock, and organize some web work I have for a friend.

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