first steps

So here is what will happen:
The room will be sealed off to prevent further contamination. They will clean every single thing in there. Every CD. Every book. Everything. It all gets moved out.
Then the wall on either side of the fireplace comes down. Panel, sheet rock. The carpet comes up, the padding, the wood the carpet is nailed to, until there is just concrete. Then the fireplace front either is taken down and salvaged, or demolished. Everything is cleaned, every hint of mold removed.

Then the masonry guy comes in and finds the leak and solves it. He is coming over today or tomorrow just to get a look, and we will decide if he will demo the fireplace, or the mold guys will salvage it for putting it back up later. Anyway, eventually he will find the leak, outside, inside, who knows right now.

Then the walls, fireplace get rebuilt,carpet reinstalled.

Oh, such a joy.

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