We picked our contractor, and I will inform them today.
Things will get moving. We will leave the house for three days at some point, cats and all. We will retreat to the coast for a relaxing weekend with cats wondering where they are.

We also will get a break starting tomorrow on our jaunt down to LA. I am looking forward to the sunshine (once I get off the plane) and seeing friends. When I get back, my metalsmithing class starts. I won’t have to spend all this time hunting for contractors and estimates. Glass will go back to the forefront. A few web gigs might trickle in as I hunt for them.

The weather says rain all day and the rest of the week. The stolen moments of sun from earlier in the week were luxurious.

I need to connect with folks that think how I do, more. The few artists I have met lately, the friends trying to make changes, fight the tide of mass consumerism. I need to hang out with them more, so we can feed each other. I have been so busy with the house, not so social.

Today I am fetching us a treat. I ordered it before I stopped working. Months ago. Burrata. Burrata is to buffalo mozzerella what that stuff is to polly-o string cheese. It is the pinnacle of soft cheese. So soft that when you cut into it it leaks. There are three of them at Pastaworks on Hawthorne. One is reserved for me. It’s pricey, for the size, but I committed a long time ago and DLJ has never had burrata. You can’t go through life, if you are a cheese fan, without trying it at least once. I haven’t had it since my days as a restaurant slave.
It will be good eatin’ tonight.

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