Homemade pizza tonight, the dough I made last week is thawing on the counter.
I went to a local beadmaker’s group meeting/holiday party.Lots of demos, people, beads, glass, fun. I might join, either the local group or the larger national one. I’m not sure yet.I might go to a “normal” meeting first since this was sort of a party.

I have many pictures of beads to take to put up on auction next week. Still need the masonry guy out here. I have lots of clean laundry.

It is strange to have a Monday not be a “work” Monday.

first steps

So here is what will happen:
The room will be sealed off to prevent further contamination. They will clean every single thing in there. Every CD. Every book. Everything. It all gets moved out.
Then the wall on either side of the fireplace comes down. Panel, sheet rock. The carpet comes up, the padding, the wood the carpet is nailed to, until there is just concrete. Then the fireplace front either is taken down and salvaged, or demolished. Everything is cleaned, every hint of mold removed.

Then the masonry guy comes in and finds the leak and solves it. He is coming over today or tomorrow just to get a look, and we will decide if he will demo the fireplace, or the mold guys will salvage it for putting it back up later. Anyway, eventually he will find the leak, outside, inside, who knows right now.

Then the walls, fireplace get rebuilt,carpet reinstalled.

Oh, such a joy.

quick, bad update

leak in the house. mold. Mold guy came. They will need to break down a wall and a front of a fireplace. remove mold. A masonry guy will come solve the leak issue. Rebuild walls,redo fireplace front.

FUN, huh? I’m thrilled to the tune of thousands of dollars. This was previously a problem before we bought the house. There might be something we can do about that. We shall see as things unfold.

First Day

It’s raining, so I went for a walk early, soon after DLJ left to get out and moving a little. After coming home I heated up some scrambled eggs, then went down the studio and made beads until I ran out of mandrels. I’ve definitely graduated from the larger ones to smaller…the large ones will be good for large bears and pigs and such…but for everyday…I think I’m a 1/16″ girl now. I’m almost out of bead release…need to fix that.

The bedroom is clean, and the hallway vacuumed. I put out some mail. I need to take poor Ankimo to the vet in a few hours to get her green light to being healthy again. Then it’s back home and out again to meet DLJ and some friends at a bar, a regular Tuesday night thing we don’t normally go to, but I need to get some papers back from a friend.

Until I take Ankimo to the vet I think I will try to set up my organized files in my office, maybe put a few photos up on istock, and organize some web work I have for a friend.

first beads of 2006

Ok, making hollows last week wasn’t just a glitch. I always have this fear that if I did it once, doesn’t mean I can do it again.


Hollows, yeah. I can do them again.

Winter Thaw.

This is with a new camera, as well. My old one was 3.2 megapixels. Now we have 6 something. DLJ already has about 8 lenses that match this camera body from his professional photographer days. Sweet. But I’m still keeping one of my old Coolpix….I love that thing.

Good to start a year with a holiday

Last night we went to downtown Portland for a drink at a newish bar called Bettie Ford. It was fun, and did indeed have a vague hospital-ly type feel to it, with gauzy curtains hanging from the ceiling like in an ER, and the staff all had little crosses on their tight t-shirts.

I had a champagne type drink mixed with the bubbly stuff, vodka, lemon sorbet…yum.
After that we went on to the concert hall to catch Jimmy Scott and Pink Martini for the new year. It was terrific. The band played a song called “Eugene” which have enjoyed since the first time I saw them, though it hasn’t hit an album yet. There were several other totally new songs, and they counted down at Midnight and went in to “Auld Lang Syne” and then straight into “Brazil” with the Lions of Batacuda complete with dancing girls and feathers all onstage.

The ride home was as er, fun as I thought it would be. Free public trans is great, drunk morons are not. It wasn’t that bad, and could have been a lot worse, but man…humans are so dumb. Getting too drunk sucks. Why on earth do it?

I should have some new photos today of new beads I made yesterday. There’s big wind flying around today, and it’s grey out. I might go for a walk, and later I am making split pea soup with the hambone leftover from Christmas.

Happy New Year!