spinning laundry

I just put a lasagna in the oven for DLJ when he gets home, as my metalsmithing class starts tonight, and I won’t be here with dinner on the table. I am really excited for this class.

It’s raining again, thank you, Supertramp.

Tomorrow I have a very early appointment and then I must come back and watch the house remodel type thing get going. And make glass. I wanted to today, but left my KEY in there and locked it when we went to LA. Pathetic. So instead I installed Quickbooks and got that going, and started laundry, and took a walk this morning before the rains began.

I shot some jewelry, and some beads, I should have another auction up tomorrow, and hopefully a couple more after I get back in the studio.

I want my big mama kiln! Soon! I have candleholders to make! And round dishes!

Why do cats, when they lick themselves, always make that especially nasty sound when licking their butts?

Gosh, was L.A fun. Thomas put on some excellent shows, despite some sound issues at the Anaheim show. The sound in Hollywood was excellent. The lighting at both made it hard to get good pictures. We have some we like, but they could have been better if adequate lighting had been around. I had a little bit of time to catch up with him, a few moments when everyone else left the dressing room to look for food. It was sweet, though, he was so busy, when he came off stage in Anaheim I came along behind him from the wings and walked on by, without a word. As I went upstairs with my friend Amaebi behind me, I felt a tug on my arm. Thomas was behind Amaebi and reached forward to grab my arm as we went back to his dressing area. He gave me a happy smile, and that was really sweet. Thoughtful. K, his wife, told me as we watched him during sound check that he was just so thrilled that DLJ and I were there. Not as thrilled as we were, I replied. I really miss both of them a lot, and we see them so rarely…there’s no way we would have missed his shows.

I might have another chance in March, lighting wise…we shall see…DLJ is the pro at concert photography, not me. Hopefully he will get some more chances down the road to work with better lighting.

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