Lentils. I need to get better with my pressed shapes, but these came out well and I only junked two to make this many that I liked…

Everytime I sit down I try to recreate the wheel. I should take something like this, and do it a few different ways. I’m a dolt.

My license came in and I got my first account with a wholesaler that I like, so now chains and things will be a lot more affordable. I’ll have to get my first order together in early February, so I can be ready for the SE ArtWalk

2 thoughts on “Windswept

  1. It’s probably a difficult call though isn’t it – forcing yourself to do the same thing several different ways. To me (and I have a rather bizarre mind), it’s like cooking – where stepping away from the recipe instructions makes me distinctly uneasy, because you could wreck the entire thing and bang goes the money you spent on the ingredients.


  2. Hmmm. Yes,but on the other hand, you can drive yourself crazy when something works….and you don’t repeat it and improve it.

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