woot – big mama kiln is comin!

Pick up date
Feb 24, 2006
Estimated delivery
Feb 28, 2006
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Purchase order number
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FedEx Freight Regional
325.0 lbs.

In transit

Feb 27, 2006 9:44 PM

In transit


On trailer 2501607

6:07 PM

What a week. Already

Saturday, I had what pretty much seems to be a gall bladder attack. Yesterday my hose for propane crapped out. Had to go all over to find a new one. Just now I was on bead #2, and the propane itself crapped out. I will refill the tank tonight on the way back from the metal studio. At least I got THAT done.

Dr. on Thursday about the gall bladder. I don’t care if I have to eat more lowfat, good for ya anyway…but if I can’t have a luxury now and then, like a Dagoba chocolate hot cocoa with home whipped cream….what’s the point of life?

I guess I wait till later in the week to learn more.

Socially engaged

It’s been busy. With the ArtWalk next weekend, I have been cramming on my display. I could stand to make more glass. My fusing binge is over and it’s time to get a few more beads squeezed out.

My large kiln is not here. I am bummed. I was relying on it to help me up my volume before the show. I will manage without it…but still.
Ah, just called. It will be delivered to the place I ordered it from today, meaning it should show up next week. Too late for ArtWalk, but not for the future.
Also, prices have gone up, which is part of the delay, the flurry of orders that have come in. Wow. The little kiln I bought 1.5 years ago is now $140 more than when I got it…and the one I just bought is a couple hundred more.

Today I go to get flyers for the ArtWalk to spread around my town, stop in at DLJ’s place of work for lunch, and come back home and make beads. Tonight we are having dinner with friends, going out for pho.

I guess this weekend will be cleaning the studio to make room for the big mama kiln, leveling part of the yard for new fencing, and more and more glass. Cleaning a studio and making more glass beads at the same time. THAT should be interesting.

Hopefully Iwill post my display stand I made for my necklaces today or tomorrow. I really like how it came out. I might make one more…not for this show, but for the future.

pink dish

Not a very inventive title. Oh well! 5 3/4″ x 5 3/4″

Pink Dish

Lots to do today, mail, laundry, class, more mail…not sure if I will make it in the studio, though I would like to. If not today, tomorrow. And every day after, really. I have no choice now.
I was hoping my big mama kiln would be here by now to help, but it’s not…so I have lots to do for the art walk on a smaller scale.

Your Friday was better than mine

I promise you. You weren’t driving 60 when a cat pooped in your car, nearby…the cat that you soon learned was the one who ate your spider plant, so that the poop was hanging out her butt on it as she walked across you and jumped down and then back up right in your lap and PEED ON YOU.

Back from 72 hours of evacuation to the coast. My house smells like a swimming pool, and I could rent it out as an oxygen bar right now…but it is 100% mold free.


Last night in metalsmithing we learned how to solder. We didn’t have time to try it yet, but I will go in this week, maybe tomorrow, and give it a shot. We learned about the differences between jewelry soldering and electrical (think that ColdHeat tool, which is not useful for jewelry soldering), different types of joints and how to use the torch. It’s similar to a glass torch, just smaller and way more portable. We finished our first project, which was folded metal art. We cut a pattern sawed it, and bent it to make a 3D object. The goal was to get good at sawing. My piece looked like what I drew…it uh…. yeah. I’m not that good at making something lifelike. But it looked like what I planned, so it was a success. I will have to take a photo soon to show. Next up is a RING. Actually, two rings. I am excited. Plus, I have a little side project that I want to work on in the studio, now that I know how to solder. And, someone’s pop up project, the thing we just finished, gave me a great idea for an earring display. So I am going to take her idea and run with it a little and make something interesting to display with at the ArtWalk. I should be able to make it in a few hours, especially now that I can saw decently, at least.

The siding is going back up on our house today. It’s bright, sunny, and COLD. Frost everywhere. I am going to go to the school to check out a small sale they have going today, and then I might go to Home Depot. Yesterday I went to Jo Ann’s and got some fabric for my new display layout. I got some tips and tricks from my SCORE mentor, and I will use them!

some shiny

I think my photos are too large for this new template (Which I need to finish filling out, sigh. BURNOUT!) =) OOo they just fit. Sweet.

Green Globes
And yes. My HAIR is in the larger globe. I am going CRAZY trying to get it OUT.

Citrus Cubes
portable orange and lemon marmalade, if ya ask me.

jury duty

Was cool! I was on a jury! It wasn’t cool that there was a case to be tried, you know, people upset, problems, but I am glad that this time I made it to a jury. It was a criminal case which meant we had to deliberate in the jury room until we came to a unanimous decision. This was not easy to do, we had photos, witnesses, and telephone calls but it was still something we went back and forth on for some time.
When we delivered our verdict, the defense lawyer requested a polling. That means the judges asked each of us if we the verdict was our own. The reason to do this is to look for hesistation, or a way to deliberate further. Fine. What I didn’t like is they called us by name. They had earlier in the day as well, but now that we had delivered (and it was guilty) we sat there and were named in front of the defense. This made me feel uncomfortable, I believe there should be more protection of the jury after they reach a verdict. It’s not that I thought this person would be a problem, but what if it was a case where the person did go loopy and wanted to get revenge? All they had to do was remember a name or two, and go find them. We were invited to stay after,as regular citizens, once we were dismissed as jury, to see what happens next. Had I not been named, I might have as I am curious about the rest of the things that happen in a trial. But I was too freaked by being mentioned, I didn’t want to call even more attention to myself after, so I left. I think I will go to court on another day and just sit in on a trial and see if I can see the part that happens after a verdict.

It lasted just a day which is good as I have a meeting today with the Energy Trust of Oregon to come do a free test of my house to see how we can better save energy. If I had to cancel due to jury duty, I would not have been rescheduled until April…it’s a popular program.

DLJ is in Bend today, he will be home late and I will get him at the airport. I like getting him from the airport. I like going to the airport when I am not flying. Speaking of, I need to get my flight to the Bay Area and back for March. I’ll spend a few days with a client to go over a website overhaul. Flying. Feh.


Before my battery runs out and I need to recharge.

Today, post office, library, grocery, another grocery for my detergent, laundry, beads, writing, cleaning.


I hope I get 3/4 of it done. It has been sunny, sunny, sunny,and I love it.I could stand for it to be warmer….but I will take the sun, thank you.

The siding is off the side of my house, the bottom of the fireplace inside is removed. The leak is not yet fixed. The mold is dead, ding dong, the mold is dead and gone.

Yesterday was a crappy bead day. I am hoping for better luck today…but it has been so cold. Glass gets affected, but I can’t really blame my crap beads on that. I need to get dressed.

I would like to point it out is now February and I STILL have not just sat down in the morning and had a cuppa coffee.

I might have jury duty tomorrow, I need to call tonight to see if they want me to come in.

I’m supposed to have a free test on my house Friday, to see ways to save on heating costs. But if I have jury duty….eh.

And that’s the news! How boring. Exciting news is coming…but not yet till it is more concrete

Oh! I had my second metalsmithing class. I did much better with the jeweler’s saw, and I will post my first project when it’s done….next week is soldering, oooooooo!

Saw Saw Saw

I went to the metal studio today and did MUCH better with my saw. I made one piece in copper and practiced turns and things on brass. I broke 5 blades, but got a lot done and am a lot more comfortable now. The sun is out (yay) so the windows are open. I need to do some work on Thomas’ site, drink tea, check out a magazine I have, and clean some dishes. Tonight is a party with friends. Yesterday I went out with a friend for drinks at two bars, one a dive bar, one a schmancy place with things like rose-infused martinis. Both were equally fun.
The house has a super oxy machine going all weekend. Both walls are now down, and we are at a halt until the bosses come back and see how it’s going and decide the next move. Probably, removing the fireplace front. There’s a lot of dry rot back there, they say.
But things are moving forward.
This is going to be ONE CRAZY SPRING, let me tell you. And I will tell you…soon, once things are finalized.