jury duty

Was cool! I was on a jury! It wasn’t cool that there was a case to be tried, you know, people upset, problems, but I am glad that this time I made it to a jury. It was a criminal case which meant we had to deliberate in the jury room until we came to a unanimous decision. This was not easy to do, we had photos, witnesses, and telephone calls but it was still something we went back and forth on for some time.
When we delivered our verdict, the defense lawyer requested a polling. That means the judges asked each of us if we the verdict was our own. The reason to do this is to look for hesistation, or a way to deliberate further. Fine. What I didn’t like is they called us by name. They had earlier in the day as well, but now that we had delivered (and it was guilty) we sat there and were named in front of the defense. This made me feel uncomfortable, I believe there should be more protection of the jury after they reach a verdict. It’s not that I thought this person would be a problem, but what if it was a case where the person did go loopy and wanted to get revenge? All they had to do was remember a name or two, and go find them. We were invited to stay after,as regular citizens, once we were dismissed as jury, to see what happens next. Had I not been named, I might have as I am curious about the rest of the things that happen in a trial. But I was too freaked by being mentioned, I didn’t want to call even more attention to myself after, so I left. I think I will go to court on another day and just sit in on a trial and see if I can see the part that happens after a verdict.

It lasted just a day which is good as I have a meeting today with the Energy Trust of Oregon to come do a free test of my house to see how we can better save energy. If I had to cancel due to jury duty, I would not have been rescheduled until April…it’s a popular program.

DLJ is in Bend today, he will be home late and I will get him at the airport. I like getting him from the airport. I like going to the airport when I am not flying. Speaking of, I need to get my flight to the Bay Area and back for March. I’ll spend a few days with a client to go over a website overhaul. Flying. Feh.

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