Before my battery runs out and I need to recharge.

Today, post office, library, grocery, another grocery for my detergent, laundry, beads, writing, cleaning.


I hope I get 3/4 of it done. It has been sunny, sunny, sunny,and I love it.I could stand for it to be warmer….but I will take the sun, thank you.

The siding is off the side of my house, the bottom of the fireplace inside is removed. The leak is not yet fixed. The mold is dead, ding dong, the mold is dead and gone.

Yesterday was a crappy bead day. I am hoping for better luck today…but it has been so cold. Glass gets affected, but I can’t really blame my crap beads on that. I need to get dressed.

I would like to point it out is now February and I STILL have not just sat down in the morning and had a cuppa coffee.

I might have jury duty tomorrow, I need to call tonight to see if they want me to come in.

I’m supposed to have a free test on my house Friday, to see ways to save on heating costs. But if I have jury duty….eh.

And that’s the news! How boring. Exciting news is coming…but not yet till it is more concrete

Oh! I had my second metalsmithing class. I did much better with the jeweler’s saw, and I will post my first project when it’s done….next week is soldering, oooooooo!

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