Saw Saw Saw

I went to the metal studio today and did MUCH better with my saw. I made one piece in copper and practiced turns and things on brass. I broke 5 blades, but got a lot done and am a lot more comfortable now. The sun is out (yay) so the windows are open. I need to do some work on Thomas’ site, drink tea, check out a magazine I have, and clean some dishes. Tonight is a party with friends. Yesterday I went out with a friend for drinks at two bars, one a dive bar, one a schmancy place with things like rose-infused martinis. Both were equally fun.
The house has a super oxy machine going all weekend. Both walls are now down, and we are at a halt until the bosses come back and see how it’s going and decide the next move. Probably, removing the fireplace front. There’s a lot of dry rot back there, they say.
But things are moving forward.
This is going to be ONE CRAZY SPRING, let me tell you. And I will tell you…soon, once things are finalized.

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