Socially engaged

It’s been busy. With the ArtWalk next weekend, I have been cramming on my display. I could stand to make more glass. My fusing binge is over and it’s time to get a few more beads squeezed out.

My large kiln is not here. I am bummed. I was relying on it to help me up my volume before the show. I will manage without it…but still.
Ah, just called. It will be delivered to the place I ordered it from today, meaning it should show up next week. Too late for ArtWalk, but not for the future.
Also, prices have gone up, which is part of the delay, the flurry of orders that have come in. Wow. The little kiln I bought 1.5 years ago is now $140 more than when I got it…and the one I just bought is a couple hundred more.

Today I go to get flyers for the ArtWalk to spread around my town, stop in at DLJ’s place of work for lunch, and come back home and make beads. Tonight we are having dinner with friends, going out for pho.

I guess this weekend will be cleaning the studio to make room for the big mama kiln, leveling part of the yard for new fencing, and more and more glass. Cleaning a studio and making more glass beads at the same time. THAT should be interesting.

Hopefully Iwill post my display stand I made for my necklaces today or tomorrow. I really like how it came out. I might make one more…not for this show, but for the future.

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