Last night in metalsmithing we learned how to solder. We didn’t have time to try it yet, but I will go in this week, maybe tomorrow, and give it a shot. We learned about the differences between jewelry soldering and electrical (think that ColdHeat tool, which is not useful for jewelry soldering), different types of joints and how to use the torch. It’s similar to a glass torch, just smaller and way more portable. We finished our first project, which was folded metal art. We cut a pattern sawed it, and bent it to make a 3D object. The goal was to get good at sawing. My piece looked like what I drew…it uh…. yeah. I’m not that good at making something lifelike. But it looked like what I planned, so it was a success. I will have to take a photo soon to show. Next up is a RING. Actually, two rings. I am excited. Plus, I have a little side project that I want to work on in the studio, now that I know how to solder. And, someone’s pop up project, the thing we just finished, gave me a great idea for an earring display. So I am going to take her idea and run with it a little and make something interesting to display with at the ArtWalk. I should be able to make it in a few hours, especially now that I can saw decently, at least.

The siding is going back up on our house today. It’s bright, sunny, and COLD. Frost everywhere. I am going to go to the school to check out a small sale they have going today, and then I might go to Home Depot. Yesterday I went to Jo Ann’s and got some fabric for my new display layout. I got some tips and tricks from my SCORE mentor, and I will use them!

3 thoughts on “solder!

  1. you installed a hood in your studio, right? my partner’s been keen on art safety and just bought a little “fume extractor” since he began to solder because it’s got lead in it, and lead fumes are no good for you. :)

  2. definitely. I have one for the glass work,a lot of glass has metals in it and it comes out as you work with it. I have an industrial hood, and any metal work I do at home in the future will be done under there as well. Thanks for your concern, it’s nice to have someone looking out for me!

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