Sunday slug

Ok. I have had my cream of wheat. DLJ is scolding me for not laughing while reading the funnies. I laugh INSIDE…really, I do.

I’m sorry there has been no glass lately. I’ve been in a bit of a technique slump, and I have been obsessed with it. But here’s one from last week.

Koala Bamboo

Lots to do today. I need to figure out where my friend and I can photograph her glass tomorrow. We do have a house with many white walls but with the craziness downstairs, DLJ has his office in the living room and a lot of stuff is stashed in other rooms. The hole is filled in now, outside. What remains is carpet removal, painting the new wall and fireplace, reinstalling carpet and a french drain outside.

I want to get the painting done before I leave, so that I can help. I don’t want to leave DLJ here alone to do all that work. But time is starting to run short, especially if we go away to the coast next weekend to hang out with my parents, who are visiting their condo.

I digress. Today I need to make pizza dough for the next month, clean some beads. Tomorrow will be a day at the metal studio if I can find a buddy to go there, it’s Spring Break so there are no classes. But I want to get my metal bead a lot closer to done.

I need to also make a damn bracelet I want to wear on tour.

We have also scored a wood fire insert, free. Just need to get it to our house from a house up the street. It’s lovely and has SILVER trim, not gold/brass. Very important. We will need to rent a thingie from Home Depot or something to get it the short distance to us.

And as always, more web work. The forum is ready to go, but I want to get DLJ to sign on as a tester before I link it in the site. Plus another area is just about ready, a few last minute tweaks. I really want to release the whole thing at once, but there are reasons we want sections up now…so it will be a little…sporadic. So it goes. That’s what you get when you get only a month to overhaul an entire site. It just won’t all go at once.

Ok. Dough, then cleaning beads/photos. Maybe I will make a few more to go towards that bracelet.

And I suppose clothes would be good. It’s 10:30 and I am still in my robe and NOT WEARING PANTS!

In bed b y 5

I’m in bed. I took a shower and it is late afternoon and I’m in bed in my robe. Because I can.

Today I locked myself out of my studio. Nice. I left the key in there last night so no glass today. So instead I got over the hump and started booking a few hotels for the tour. Many more to go, but I got NYC out of the way, since that city fills up like crazy.

It rained today but in the patches of sun I mowed a good chunk of the lawn. We are going out for sushi tonight, hopefully with a friend. And then it is the weekend. Final work to do on some website stuff. I’m also waiting to see about something for glass, I have no way to gauge if it will work out or not. And next week, some stuff goes live, more hotel booking, taking photos for a friend on Monday night, an ultrasound to check on my innards…

Lots to do. I have been writing and need to write some more, perhaps that is what I will do now for a little while until my friend comes over.

busy, busy, busy.

It’s time to start booking hotels for the tour. And some of my plane tickets.

But I should finish the forum first.

Right! So today it’s:

plan dinner
walk to grocery for yogurt
start kiln
clean bedroom and strip bed
plant hosta
make dinner
finish td forum
work on spreadsheet for td


tomorrow it’s:
work on MY spreadsheet
mow lawn
clean kitchen
lunch at my old work
finish privacy and contacts page for

Oh, and I need to pay my library fine. Ooop. Totally forgot a book I had out, I have since returned it but need to pay fine.

Ok. Time to get dressed and get to the store and back.

the nail in the California coffin.

I just walked to the store, as I am wont to do, and decided to finally check out the sushi place in the little strip mall next door. I have always meant to, never did. So I did today.

Not only is it nice in there, great ambience, not only is the fish amazing, not only is the sushi chef a woman…

I CAN WALK TO ANKIMO from HOME. And DLJ and I can get drunk on sake and stumble home on warm summer eves.

Bye bye, Cali. Oregon has you beat.

Change of pace

I haven’t written much in the last few days here, I was in California and the internet access was a little spotty.

I was down in the Bay Area to talk to a friend about his tour. I have managed his website for many years now, and it needed updating before he went on the road. A few weeks ago he decided I should come along, to update the site and also sell merchandise.

I agreed, and so this meeting was so that we could go over site designs and nail down details.

He had a gig in San Francisco on Thursday night, so I flew down on Wednesday and spent a few days sleeping on an air mattress in his garage, which had been converted into a sort of tv room/office for his wife.

The show was excellent, and before it I had dinner at my old haunt, saying hi to my old friends and eating really good Italian food. Then we met up with my friend at a nearby bar before walking down to the gig.

It was excellent, as was the performer after him, GianLuigi. I really enjoyed his set, so much I stayed after my first ride back to the house left. So I went back home later, arriving at 2:30 and quickly hiding under the covers to combat the cold.

Friday we sat in a small diner for brunch and talked, and I agreed to be the tour manager. I’m freaked out but sure I can do a good job…most of the time I’m sure. ;)

I have a lot to learn but I think I can swing this. Mostly I am happy that he trusts me to this. His wife thanked me, saying if I hadn’t agreed, she’d have to do it. Heh.

It will take me away from glass a little, but I can work it out, and it is only for a month. Worth it for the experience and a chance to watch my friend get back into the music game after so many years. One of those things to remember when I’m old and grey.

More soon, as the journal is sure going to take a swing to the different from now till mid May.

I made that deal with the universe, giving up the monetary greed for freedom. I guess the universe is listening.

Ring a ding ding

I am off to California today. Before that, an electrician is coming to rewire my studio a little to make the big mama all working and stuff.

Laundry, packing, charging the ipod, and gathering my website ideas for my client.

I hope to make it to my favorite old haunt of a Chinese Restaurant, U-Lee, while I am in the Bay Area.

Last night I started my second ring. I got a lot further along in the three hours of class than I did the first time around. The first one is done, but DLJ says it is too wide for everyday wearing. So I will make him one more, after I make one for me. Still, I am proud of it. It has a small seam that is visible, hopefully the next one will be better in that regard.

It’s cat imprints. feet, butt, tail. One for each cat.

Show Wrap Up

I’m home from my two day show. It went well. I was hoping for more money, but the contacts were fabulous, and really, that probably IS what this sort of show is about more than anything else. I did well, don’t get me wrong.

And I really got to see who picked up what, so I know what my most popular items were in terms of window shopping. I am tired. Dinner, a little pinot noir wine (made in my own town), and lots of attention for my darling DLJ, who put up with me doing all this prep work and working towards this.

Plus I scored a new friend, the artist I was paired with. I traded a pendant for a hat she made,wait till you see it!