Change of pace

I haven’t written much in the last few days here, I was in California and the internet access was a little spotty.

I was down in the Bay Area to talk to a friend about his tour. I have managed his website for many years now, and it needed updating before he went on the road. A few weeks ago he decided I should come along, to update the site and also sell merchandise.

I agreed, and so this meeting was so that we could go over site designs and nail down details.

He had a gig in San Francisco on Thursday night, so I flew down on Wednesday and spent a few days sleeping on an air mattress in his garage, which had been converted into a sort of tv room/office for his wife.

The show was excellent, and before it I had dinner at my old haunt, saying hi to my old friends and eating really good Italian food. Then we met up with my friend at a nearby bar before walking down to the gig.

It was excellent, as was the performer after him, GianLuigi. I really enjoyed his set, so much I stayed after my first ride back to the house left. So I went back home later, arriving at 2:30 and quickly hiding under the covers to combat the cold.

Friday we sat in a small diner for brunch and talked, and I agreed to be the tour manager. I’m freaked out but sure I can do a good job…most of the time I’m sure. ;)

I have a lot to learn but I think I can swing this. Mostly I am happy that he trusts me to this. His wife thanked me, saying if I hadn’t agreed, she’d have to do it. Heh.

It will take me away from glass a little, but I can work it out, and it is only for a month. Worth it for the experience and a chance to watch my friend get back into the music game after so many years. One of those things to remember when I’m old and grey.

More soon, as the journal is sure going to take a swing to the different from now till mid May.

I made that deal with the universe, giving up the monetary greed for freedom. I guess the universe is listening.

5 thoughts on “Change of pace

  1. it’s true; you just have to ask and listen. glass will always be there. do what calls to you now.

  2. Yeah. But.. still, I it is a distraction. A good one, and I think a positive move overall…but I worry about shifting my focus a little…when glass is my main work, or what I want to be my main work.

    Ya know?

  3. Wow! I can understand your concern about being distracted from your glass work – it’s what you love. But you seem to be a student of life and this new experience will fill your desire to learn and experience new things, feeding your creativity. Too bad you can’t set up a traveling glass studio!

  4. Honey – if you are gonna be managing that tour, you need to learn that Bochem was playing A LIVE LAPTOP SET which is not in any way shape or form a dj set……………

  5. I know! I learned more talking to him after returning home. I asked Thomas what he was doing up there, since I couldn’t see his screen. Now I know, and I have bought some of his albums too! He is such a great guy!

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