In bed b y 5

I’m in bed. I took a shower and it is late afternoon and I’m in bed in my robe. Because I can.

Today I locked myself out of my studio. Nice. I left the key in there last night so no glass today. So instead I got over the hump and started booking a few hotels for the tour. Many more to go, but I got NYC out of the way, since that city fills up like crazy.

It rained today but in the patches of sun I mowed a good chunk of the lawn. We are going out for sushi tonight, hopefully with a friend. And then it is the weekend. Final work to do on some website stuff. I’m also waiting to see about something for glass, I have no way to gauge if it will work out or not. And next week, some stuff goes live, more hotel booking, taking photos for a friend on Monday night, an ultrasound to check on my innards…

Lots to do. I have been writing and need to write some more, perhaps that is what I will do now for a little while until my friend comes over.

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