Ring a ding ding

I am off to California today. Before that, an electrician is coming to rewire my studio a little to make the big mama all working and stuff.

Laundry, packing, charging the ipod, and gathering my website ideas for my client.

I hope to make it to my favorite old haunt of a Chinese Restaurant, U-Lee, while I am in the Bay Area.

Last night I started my second ring. I got a lot further along in the three hours of class than I did the first time around. The first one is done, but DLJ says it is too wide for everyday wearing. So I will make him one more, after I make one for me. Still, I am proud of it. It has a small seam that is visible, hopefully the next one will be better in that regard.

It’s cat imprints. feet, butt, tail. One for each cat.

3 thoughts on “Ring a ding ding

  1. I really like rings. I don’t wear them for a long time because they irritate my fingers, but I like them anyway. I think it would be fun to make them. It’s a nice looking ring.

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