Sunday slug

Ok. I have had my cream of wheat. DLJ is scolding me for not laughing while reading the funnies. I laugh INSIDE…really, I do.

I’m sorry there has been no glass lately. I’ve been in a bit of a technique slump, and I have been obsessed with it. But here’s one from last week.

Koala Bamboo

Lots to do today. I need to figure out where my friend and I can photograph her glass tomorrow. We do have a house with many white walls but with the craziness downstairs, DLJ has his office in the living room and a lot of stuff is stashed in other rooms. The hole is filled in now, outside. What remains is carpet removal, painting the new wall and fireplace, reinstalling carpet and a french drain outside.

I want to get the painting done before I leave, so that I can help. I don’t want to leave DLJ here alone to do all that work. But time is starting to run short, especially if we go away to the coast next weekend to hang out with my parents, who are visiting their condo.

I digress. Today I need to make pizza dough for the next month, clean some beads. Tomorrow will be a day at the metal studio if I can find a buddy to go there, it’s Spring Break so there are no classes. But I want to get my metal bead a lot closer to done.

I need to also make a damn bracelet I want to wear on tour.

We have also scored a wood fire insert, free. Just need to get it to our house from a house up the street. It’s lovely and has SILVER trim, not gold/brass. Very important. We will need to rent a thingie from Home Depot or something to get it the short distance to us.

And as always, more web work. The forum is ready to go, but I want to get DLJ to sign on as a tester before I link it in the site. Plus another area is just about ready, a few last minute tweaks. I really want to release the whole thing at once, but there are reasons we want sections up now…so it will be a little…sporadic. So it goes. That’s what you get when you get only a month to overhaul an entire site. It just won’t all go at once.

Ok. Dough, then cleaning beads/photos. Maybe I will make a few more to go towards that bracelet.

And I suppose clothes would be good. It’s 10:30 and I am still in my robe and NOT WEARING PANTS!

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