small dive restaurant with wi-fi. sun, rain, coffee, books, puzzles. My dad got me going on a beginner level Sodoku game. Now I want to play more. Damn him! ;)

DLJ will come up today, he had to work. =(

Next week, oh, glass,glass,glass. I have a lot to do, many commissions. Less than two weeks now till the tour starts. Oh my lord.

Maybe it’s good I don’t have Internet at the condo right now, or I would be still working. I can get the east leg of hotels done fairly quick next week. And the only flight left to plan is the one to get us to NYC.

No other news really…I’m just really busy.

5 thoughts on “beach

  1. Is this theme your work?

    And when is the mail order glass-buying website a’comin’?

  2. my experience has been that Monday’s Soduko has the lower level of difficulty. Don’t even think of trying Saturday’s puzzle.

  3. Sudoku is evil. Well… not really. I’m not sure why, but I find sudoku’s a bit boring. Once you’ce solved the immediately problems it’s just drudgery. Perhaps they don’t rock my boat because of being a software developer – and having to use the logic/reasoning part of my head all day anyway.

    Give me a chess board any day of the week :)

  4. I’m getting better at it, Ron. I might try an intermediate soon. I know eventually I will have to learn something my Dad was talking about, doubles and triples….. or something! =)

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