lists, lists…

I have conquered the beast that is finding rooms in Maryland during the weekend of a huge sailing race. It ain’t pretty, but it’s done.

Fire pendants
put moss retardant metal strip on parts of roof that do not go to the rainbarrel
fix broken roof tiles
make some koala bears
move wood burning insert from neighbor’s house to ours
metal class
book a few more hotels
enjoy the sunshine (that might happen up on the roof at the very least)


small dive restaurant with wi-fi. sun, rain, coffee, books, puzzles. My dad got me going on a beginner level Sodoku game. Now I want to play more. Damn him! ;)

DLJ will come up today, he had to work. =(

Next week, oh, glass,glass,glass. I have a lot to do, many commissions. Less than two weeks now till the tour starts. Oh my lord.

Maybe it’s good I don’t have Internet at the condo right now, or I would be still working. I can get the east leg of hotels done fairly quick next week. And the only flight left to plan is the one to get us to NYC.

No other news really…I’m just really busy.