So it was in my LJ that I learned about K-Fed sampling Thomas Dolby’s music. I gave him the link in chat. A couple days later it showed up in his forum from a different source…which is good, he has his fans looking out for him.

It has been going back and forth and bouncing around until today, when it started to hit mainstream.



The song is now missing from Good to see though, that it’s finally hit the light of day, as the record company that Mobb Deep (legally used it, and is where Federline’s steal is from) is on sort of shrugged it off, even though it is a blatant steal. Though the article at MTV says it’s from the forum, in reality, my readers rock for pointing this out to me to pass on, getting the ball rolling! So I wanted to say thanks. Thanks, guys!

One week till tour! A week from tonight it will be Thomas Dolby at the House of Blues in Anaheim! Now, if I could just find a decent hotel for the roadies in Washington…

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