There’s a man on the roof.

It’s almost Dolby tour time! I’m still booking hotels a smidge but the west leg is done. I’ve started making the advance calls to the clubs, to make sure everything is running ok and everyone has the info they need. More of that tomorrow. That’s probably how I will spend most of tomorrow. I want to try to escape to the metal studio before I leave for LA but…well, at least I will have class Tuesday night.

We found the problem. Not huge to fix, DLJ has already made some good changes, but we might need someone to finish it off. There’s a vent thingy that should slope down along with the roof, but however they tried to stick it before, it came off, so the metal square sticks straight out, even a little up. So rain collects and flows backwards. Because it is a tile roof, can’t nail it down. Still. Now we have to clean up that section on the inside of the house, and make sure the problem is completely solved soon.

But it is sealed better now.

I got a little wacked in my last entry, but it’s a lot to think about right now. Thomas’ tour starts in less than 4 days. I’ve started packing for this first leg. I need to figure how I am going to get to the airport. I’m going to have to bum around Disney for part of the day until the House of Blues will let me in. I will have all my stuff and it’s too far to get out to Malibu where we are staying, so…ya, me and my luggage at Disney. I still need a good clipboard I can’t find one! Everything I find is crappy plastic! I need to print out some organization forms I have made. I’m still waiting on some website stuff. All that plus the roof leak and the finishing of the previous remodel and getting ready to deal with the legal stuff there, plus my own business and then the whole kid thing. Yeah. I got a little bent.

Friday I went out to CDBaby to grab some more receipts. That was fun, to see what CDBaby looks like. One. Huge. Warehouse.

I can’t wait for the tour to start, and I am terrified. But when Thomas is up there and the music is happening, it will all be good times.

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