Home to Portland today. I’m in a mod hotel in San Fran. Yesterday I had a little time to myself so I immediately went the one place that was absolutely necessary.

Never have I appreciated a soak, a wet sauna and a naked sunbathing in the sunshine so much. I did the rounds twice: soak, steam, cold plunge, sunbathe. I walked back down Valencia a very happy girl, stopping in Good Vibrations to rummage around and at Ti Couz for a quick crepe.

Thomas will arrive on the 20th and the whole thing starts up again for three nights before winding down again for a week. Then it is off to NYC. I have been writing more in my LJ than here, because it’s easier somehow…but mostly, I’m working. I brought a book and haven’t cracked it since the plane. Speaking of planes, sigh. One more today. Get me home safe.

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