A little leftover tour fun

Today is a rainy Saturday. We’ve been to the farmer’s market, gathering garlic tops, chard, garlic, strawberries and mushrooms of various types, as well as two tomato plants to join the seeds already in the ground. We also got a small pond liner and a new pump for the container water garden, which I hope to get back together this week. DLJ cleared the gutters while I trimmed all the spent tulips. Now I have laundry to fold and final unpacking to do, before we head out again to Washington for the NIN/Bauhaus concert. I just talked to their sound guy, who I met at the Detroit Dolby show. We will show up right after soundcheck for our tickets and guest passes, hopefully say hi to him and then enjoy the show, and then hang out again after in the tour bus. Ah, a tour bus. I’ll get to see all the luxury I was missing. ;). But it will be a nice, final post mortem on my tour and a look into the beginning of his. I haven’t seen NIN since they joined up with David Bowie shortly after I moved to California, so I am looking forward to this show. Plus, you know, I’m not working at it in the slightest. Ahhhh.

Must go unpack, and let DLJ get this computer back to rights so I can download my email from all these weeks I was sans computer.

2 thoughts on “A little leftover tour fun

  1. Hey, Lunesse! I’m glad you had such a great experience on the tour.

    Wanted to chime in, that I saw that NIN/Bowie show. I remember feeling really old, as everyone else who went (it seemed) was 19, wearing black lipstick and fingernail polish and a surly disposition to go with them. =) But there was one part I know you’d have liked. A young woman in the audience was lifted up above the crowd (this was a large outdoor venue in northern Virginia), with her arms straight outstretched (as if she made her body be the shape of a cross). Bowie saw this and responded in kind from the stage, and the two of them stood there motionless for a time. Then one of them began gently moving their hands up and down, in a gliding/flying motion, and the other responded the same. Then she was lowered gently back into the crowd and he broke the spell, going back into a vocal. It was really beautiful and I’ve never forgotten it. Aren’t concerts great?

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