East Coast, here I come

Way earlier than I want. I would kill for 3 days to just do nothing. This whole week was completely outer limits busy, the “days off” between tour legs. I mean I am exhausted, brain dead busy. Crying to let off stress busy. BUSY. And I am still buried, though we are making an organized plan of it so I am feeing better in some ways. It’s still fun, don’t misunderstand, but it’s a LOT of work for me. The work of many folks on one pair of shoulders. I’m drained.

I still have a lot to do before that plane takes off tomorrow. Plane. LeSigh.

Making bunches of dinners for DLJ, packing, weeding, trying to finish jewelry, laundry, should make a few hotel reservations, and SPEND TIME WITH DLJ. I have been home for 10 days and it doesn’t feel like it. Home but not home.

When it gets bad, I just remember that it’s over in less than a month. Sure, there will still be a lot to do after…but not like THIS. And everything that happens…is good for the book. That’s my mantra when eyeball deep in stress and lists of things to do. Just like “ball bearings and updrafts” is my mantra on the plane when it bounces all over.

Still. It’s exciting. New cities, old haunts, a few old friends and some new ones. I’m looking forward to seeing the crew again. I made us all official laminates as a momento and to wear so we look cool. :p

Most important tonight is DLJ, resting, sleeping, and getting my music in order. Thousands of car miles ahead of us.

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