It’s been so long…

my harddrive died. I have had no computer since May 4 in NYC. I try to sneak into business centers in hotels and use TD’s computer whenever I can, but all my mail is webmail as a result, with no spam filters. I get so much spam at my lunesse address simply because it is so old, and without filters….ew. It’s been hard to be a tour manager without the puter, but I have been managing. Today was a small day of communication breakdown, however. Here in Milwaukee, WI, the hotel didn’t have our reservation, the club thought soundcheck was an hour before doors, and the new hotel didn’t give us the right address. Clearly, I am not meant to communicate well here. The hotel we are in is TRIPPY. Old. Like an old apartment building from another era. The telephone receiver was upsidown in the cradle. TD says it’s a Masonic sign and we best not mess with it. ;) Two shows here, then off to St. Paul, Minnesota. Another state I have never been to before. This week I have been to the following states I have not been to before: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin. Next week we will drive thru Nebraska, adding one more to the list.

One week and I am back home with DLJ. I can’t wait. This tour has been an amazing experience, but I sure do miss home.

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  1. James Quigley Says:

    I’m from Nebraska! I’m Merujo’s friend (aka Sasquatch). You snarfed pasta at our table at the Ram’s Head. If you’re going to go through Nebraska (and it’s not late at night), you definitely, definitely, definitely must stop and have a Runza while you’re there. Check them out at . It would make my day if I knew that Lunesse and TD tried a Runza in my home state. Seriously. I know it’s lame. But, still…

  2. Lunesse Says:

    It was so great to meet you guys! =)

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