Oh for the deck, a drink, a cat, and DLJ

Not long now. It’s the 21st. I will be home the evening of the 25th. I have had a grand time. I really do miss home. I miss DLJ so much. I like having small chunks of time apart from him, I think it’s good for us to recharge our appreciation for each other by being apart. But it’s been a long time. Yet it feels like a snap of time as well. May 2 until today. Really not that long. But so much has happened, so many places, people, miles, hotels…
A few nights ago we had a video date on iChat and he was sitting outside in the backyard. It was very hot there. I missed it all, the darkening sky, the cats, the air in the evening. I miss my glass. I miss my focus, but it’s been good to visit other towns and gather inspiration and ideas. I only hope that my glass mojo returns to me when I return home. I have to go to Bullseye and get a quickie tutorial from Bonnie, see what new colors there are, and dive back in.
I also have to finish recording all the numbers for this tour, moving things around on the website, and starting up a new website for a new client. I need to repaint the living room and start getting ready for our 2nd annual summer party.
But all of this will be at home. HOME. A Cancer away from home is a Cancer without a shell. I’m an experience junkie, and it is worth it for me to leave my shell now and again, but oh, does it EVER feel good to get back home to my garden, my pets, and most of all, my sweetheart. Not long now, life, I’m coming back soon.

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