Roadie/keyboard tech love.

From an email from D:

“The New York and London dates were super weird with yourself and
J missing,
I swear i kept almost catching myself looking for you guys!

Well, lets all keep our fingers crossed that Thomas plans another
grand adventure for us all later this year.

take care,

*warm fuzzies*

ok I admit it.

I’m sad about not getting to go to the London shows.

I seemed to have had a knack on tour for missing the things that were best. The first technically glitch free show, the show TD thought was the best one, the only time he went into the piano part of “Layla” while not in soundcheck, the other time his daughter went up onstage… and I missed London, which seems to have been really good. I missed the others because of tour manager duties, and that’s fine by me, part of the job. But this one, I just plain wasn’t there, as a friend even. Financially, I understand this, but I still feel a little bummed at missing out on this special evening. His whole family was there, and I love all of them, and missed the chance to see this.

So yah. I’m a tough old bird but…I’m lonely for the rest of them over there, TD, family, and the crew… I’m feelin’ a little left behind. Actually, as time goes on, and I find out how many folks where there I know, like Bochum Welt, the worse I feel. I’m really, unreasonably, irrationally, inexplicably down in the dumper over this. But I’m a Cancer, guess it’s to be expected.

You heard the joke right, how many Cancers does it take to fix a light bulb? One, but three therapists to get through the grieving process.

Off to the studio to go lose myself in glass for awhile.

the heat is coming

Might hit 100 by Monday.

Today I was at the torch and it was H O T HOT. I might try again tomorrow morning but then beg off the rest of the weekend. We have a nice outdoor bbq to go to tomorrow anyway. I need to paint some but my right had has RSI symptoms, so I would rather not.

Not sure yet what I will do about that.

Today we went to the zoo and got great photos of butterflies, tigers and monkeys. Dinner is going to be easy, the hydrangeas are watered and DLJ is messing with his car. I think it’s time for a nice cool drink before dinner while the beads anneal.

Wierdness accepted

I made these beads yesterday and I thought they were too strange for anyone to love other than me.

So I started putting them in jewelry last night.

Then today I posted them and some folks love them, wanting to buy them. So I will make more…but I can’t sell the firsts, cause I made this:

Tidal Shelf

I love it. I am just amazed others like the beads.


I made some beads today, though not the ones I wanted to. I got distracted. But I did make a set that I want to use for aproject, and futzed with hollows the rest of the time.

If I have time tonight after LWL (Ladies Who Launch) maybe I will make some more, otherwise, tomorrow. I will also get Big Mama working tomorrow with some items, since I plan to be home after my morning glass shopping outing. So now it’s off to some shops, then back home to do some painting downstairs, my LWL homework to finish up. And laundry. Got to get some laundry going.

TD is off to England now, I won’t see him again till the fall. The break is good after the tour…but I will miss him, as I always do when he’s far away. K as well. I did get to know his wife a lot better during tour, and I love her all the more for it. I really enjoy hanging out with her.

Wrapping it up in the sun.

A pizza is in the oven. I didn’t have time to make my own dough today, so it’s a Papa Murphy’s, a good compromise. Today we went to a strawberry social at the local nursery and brought home 2 plants for the small water garden and a marvelous fragrant plant which DLJ put next to the deck. We took our friend Synthcat with us to the event, where we had local strawberries in strawberry shortcake while sitting on hay bales, listened to music and strolled around looking at plants.

I cleaned up in the studio and worked on a larger piece I am starting up, as well as working on some drink coasters to take out to the coast when I go visit my parents soon.

We also got some ladybugs to release, 1,500 of them and we are waiting until it is closer to twilight, the recommended time to release them.

Then I will work on my book, read, relax. Tomorrow is a busy day, afterall.

But it’s yet again another Monday that causes no Sunday night dread. No office calls to me, only my glass. I sent out an auction yesterday and need to put some more up. I will work on my large project and finally get my work combined to go to Japan. I do have some webwork to take care of, but not that much, a few hours at most.

If it is a nice morning I will sit outside and drink coffee before watering the garden.

Life, she is good.

I need to change the Work category in this blog to “Work.” ;)

bad lampwork names

Folks sometimes strive for cute names. This one is a new low for me, in terms of CHEESE.

Rocky Roe
*rim shot*

I had my first massage Wednesday. It went well. I will go once a week for about a month, then switch to twice a month. It was very soothing, yet strenuous. I ached for a little while afterwards.

DLJ came home today sick, so I am taking vitamins to try not to get it myself. Saturday is fast filling up with things. I can’t even remember them all right now…seeing the second half of “The Long Way Round” with Dragavonne…there’s something else too…but I can’t remember right now.

Time for my evening stroll.

Summer lawns

I am back from an evening walk with DLJ. We often walk in the evenings. Tonight was very summery…warm, beautiful evening sky. Nights like this almost hurt, I can remember them in New Jersey. The climate here is so close to Jersey, it’s almost the same. I can almost feel being a kid again, bones and muscles so new, the night air, the promise of a million things not yet done.

It’s a sort of sadness, to have so much done. So many questions answered. Who I married, where I live. Of course, the fates can always intervene and keep me guessing… but I miss the possibilities of summer nights as a kid.

But there are no lightning bugs here, which keeps the ache at bay.

Sunny Saturday

Today has been a good day. We woke up and went to the farmer’s market, getting fresh strawberry shortcake for me and waffles for DLJ and eating them on a blanket on the lawn. I stopped in the library to get a book, then we came home and did work. DLJ worked on the downstairs room, sanding and priming, and I pruned the rhododendrons, watered everything, cleaned the glass studio and mowed the lawn. Our friend the Mad Martian just came over with his sister, who also does glass and was in town this week taking a class at Bullseye.

It’s sunny and warm, later we will go to dinner with an old friend from the dotcom days. He is an amazing artist that we have not seen in years.

I love my macro lens. Here are some beads I made yesterday using an odd lot color I picked up from a friend who sells rods of glass.

Water Fire (detail)