golden treasure

made these yesterday, they should be up for auction soon.

Golden Treasure

3 thoughts on “golden treasure

  1. What a gorgeous piece! You must be very happy to be back in the glass world – it shows in this beautiful work.

  2. Hi Ange! It IS good to be back, I did miss working in my studio, though I admit that the trip was quite an adventure and I found a lot of inspiration as I moved about the country! Having my computer crash on the road really sucked, I couldn’t read you and keep up with you! =( But now things are back to (almost) normal.

  3. I bet the experience of touring was amazing – seeing the country, meeting new people and, of course, the music. And it seems like you did really well with flying! We tried to make it to SF when Thomas played here (would have been great to meet you!) but we couldn’t make it – too bad.

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