ok I admit it.

I’m sad about not getting to go to the London shows.

I seemed to have had a knack on tour for missing the things that were best. The first technically glitch free show, the show TD thought was the best one, the only time he went into the piano part of “Layla” while not in soundcheck, the other time his daughter went up onstage… and I missed London, which seems to have been really good. I missed the others because of tour manager duties, and that’s fine by me, part of the job. But this one, I just plain wasn’t there, as a friend even. Financially, I understand this, but I still feel a little bummed at missing out on this special evening. His whole family was there, and I love all of them, and missed the chance to see this.

So yah. I’m a tough old bird but…I’m lonely for the rest of them over there, TD, family, and the crew… I’m feelin’ a little left behind. Actually, as time goes on, and I find out how many folks where there I know, like Bochum Welt, the worse I feel. I’m really, unreasonably, irrationally, inexplicably down in the dumper over this. But I’m a Cancer, guess it’s to be expected.

You heard the joke right, how many Cancers does it take to fix a light bulb? One, but three therapists to get through the grieving process.

Off to the studio to go lose myself in glass for awhile.

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