Today is a camping day! DLJ and I took some time off for July to go, but we are going today with our friends J and B. J and B were on tour with me, and they are staying with us while they figure out what they are doing next. They will go to NYC/Spain/England for a month-ish to help out some friends, and J will work on Dolby’s NYC and England show dates. We will watch some of their stuff while they are gone.
So today we are going to drive out to Bagby Hot Springs. J and B are going first, I will pick up DLJ from work and then we will follow. Camping! So what if it is raining/cloudy! We have a small canopy and tents and we will be just fine. I am looking forward to a couple days away with friends, and Bagby looks quite nice. I think it will be really good for DLJ, too. Next week the guys come back to re-dig up the side of the yard for the third time, I will be making glass and painting, and writing. It’s sure good to have my computer back.