I made some beads today, though not the ones I wanted to. I got distracted. But I did make a set that I want to use for aproject, and futzed with hollows the rest of the time.

If I have time tonight after LWL (Ladies Who Launch) maybe I will make some more, otherwise, tomorrow. I will also get Big Mama working tomorrow with some items, since I plan to be home after my morning glass shopping outing. So now it’s off to some shops, then back home to do some painting downstairs, my LWL homework to finish up. And laundry. Got to get some laundry going.

TD is off to England now, I won’t see him again till the fall. The break is good after the tour…but I will miss him, as I always do when he’s far away. K as well. I did get to know his wife a lot better during tour, and I love her all the more for it. I really enjoy hanging out with her.

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