Wrapping it up in the sun.

A pizza is in the oven. I didn’t have time to make my own dough today, so it’s a Papa Murphy’s, a good compromise. Today we went to a strawberry social at the local nursery and brought home 2 plants for the small water garden and a marvelous fragrant plant which DLJ put next to the deck. We took our friend Synthcat with us to the event, where we had local strawberries in strawberry shortcake while sitting on hay bales, listened to music and strolled around looking at plants.

I cleaned up in the studio and worked on a larger piece I am starting up, as well as working on some drink coasters to take out to the coast when I go visit my parents soon.

We also got some ladybugs to release, 1,500 of them and we are waiting until it is closer to twilight, the recommended time to release them.

Then I will work on my book, read, relax. Tomorrow is a busy day, afterall.

But it’s yet again another Monday that causes no Sunday night dread. No office calls to me, only my glass. I sent out an auction yesterday and need to put some more up. I will work on my large project and finally get my work combined to go to Japan. I do have some webwork to take care of, but not that much, a few hours at most.

If it is a nice morning I will sit outside and drink coffee before watering the garden.

Life, she is good.

I need to change the Work category in this blog to “Work.” ;)

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