art day

I am out at the Oregon coast today, I have been since driving out on Monday. It was a nice drive, fleeing the heat, on a late Monday morning, getting closer and closer to the blue skyline of mountains that lay in front of me. Mom and I will go out to day to a pottery and glass place nearby, and a local organic farm. We all just walked back from a local coffee place, and I am very excited, they agreed to sell some of my glass jewelry there! It’s a small place, but they do show a lot of local artists, and will open a second store/roastery soon, so I am thrilled to see how my stuff works in the small store. I will bring some of my plates and bowls and coasters too, for him to see, but I will be selling just the jewelry this time around. How exciting!

We saw so many whales yesterday, they are doing more than just surfacing and blowing, they are laying on their sides waving flippers out of the water.

DLJ is getting his brain expanded in California. I miss him, but am glad he is taking a Filemaker Pro class to better his knowledge. I wish his company would let him do more of that. He will be home on Saturday. Tomorrow I go home back towards Portland, and have dinner with someone on my favorite discussion list that I have been on since 1995. Friday is the Japanese Garden party in Portland, and I very much am looking forward to that event.

Then I will start getting my things planned, made, and selected to bring back out here in the next two weeks.

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