I am totally cranky

I know I am hypersensitive, but honestly, if you are going to leave the house to get away from me, let me know at least that you are going! I wandered around the house trying to find DLJ only to find him gone, the car gone. I called and he didn’t pick up so I called 6 times before he did. Then he said he had a headache so he left to go where it was quiet since it was “noisy in the house.”

Whatever. Just tell me, for crissakes. I was downstairs trying to clean up the family room so we can put it back together and I can have my goddamn house back.

Now I am exceedingly sulky. I don’t feel like eating dinner. I don’t want to go out and get tacos. I just want to be alone. I know we will talk it out, and it will pass…but I hate when this happens.

Sometimes I miss being single.

One thought on “I am totally cranky

  1. Oh dear. Well if you ever need anybody to vent at, I’m usually online – but then you know that (with me having next to no life and all) :)

    After working through most of yesterday I dissappeared off into town to buy crap – for pretty much no reason. I told W before I was going, and came back with some second hand PS2 games. And wine. I woke up this morning with a headache.

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